Aaron Auer is a native Oregonian who has dedicated his life to defending his state's legacy and heritage. As a student of history and the records left behind by our forefathers, Aaron is well-versed in Oregon's pioneer spirit forged in faith and liberty. He has a sure commitment to preserve the natural rights of all Oregonians, such as freedom of worship, sovereign states rights, and private property.

Born in the Umpqua Valley on the Auer Jersey Farm, Aaron learned the value of hard work, an appreciation for our land, and a respect for the sovereign Constitution which governs it. Though Aaron has traveled the world as a minister of the Gospel, he returned to his home in Oregon where he has served for many years in the proud tradition of the circuit rider preachers – founding heroes commemorated at the State Capitol as “the friends, counselors and evangels to the pioneers on every American frontier." In this capacity he has fought to restore the forgotten memory of our state's founding within Oregon's church communities, courthouses, congressmen, and Native reservations alike.

Unashamed of his beliefs and his identity, Aaron stands ready to honor and defend the liberties afforded all people within the Constitution and so secure the blessings of liberty in our time.